Anne Borsohalmi | Freelance writer

Hi! My name is Anne Borsohalmi, freelance SEO writer, content writer and blogger. I am a native English speaker and writer based in Montreal.

My Journey

I have had quite the journey to get where I am today. With a Bachelor of Commerce and Programming Certificate in hand, I started my career providing support and programming for a rail transportation company.

I didn’t love it so I wanted to take the knowledge and use it in another way. I went to a seminar on technical writing and felt this was the path for me. I obtained my Technical Communication Certificate and spent the next eight years working in a technical writing capacity. I produced user guides, reference manuals, training materials, tutorials, release notes, FAQs, online help and managing the localization of software. I enjoyed working with the developers, various levels of management, vendors and customers.

After eight years, I wanted to take on another challenge. I had the opportunity to pursue a project management role. I applied for the project manager job within the company and got the position. I stayed in that role for nine years, enjoying collaborating with the various teams, customers, management, and vendors.

My motivation was customer satisfaction. The defined solution, milestones and delivery date, helped to keep me focused. I worked on various business related documents such as: Statement of Work, project charters, schedules, RFPs, and branding documentation. I was involved from the gathering the requirements phase, initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling the project, to the final phase of closing.

What next?

After nine years as a project manager, it was time for another challenge. I’m excited and eager to be venturing down the path of a freelance SEO writer, Web copy writer and blogger. I’m looking forward to working with you. Please feel free to review my writing samples to see the versatility of my work.  

Who do I work with

I work with anyone who requires SEO, Web or blog content.

What can I do for you

I will provide you with quality content to satisfy the needs of your target audience. With keywords either provided by you or through my research, I will use them strategically within the content. My goal is to write informative compelling articles to get your audience interested and excited about your Web site.

How can I help you

Whatever comes my way, I always do my best to be thorough and deliver the highest quality of work to my customers. I’m interested in your pain points and challenges. I would like to learn and understand them so I can better meet your needs and the needs of your customer.

Anyone who has worked with me can attest to my commitment and holding myself accountable for my work.

I’m resourceful and adept at finding solutions and creating quality content. I’m accustomed to deadlines and know what to do to achieve results. If what I’ve said interests you, let’s discuss how I can help you.

You can contact me by email, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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